CloudScal3 is a startup product company building solution that will Normalize Cloud Adoption by automating and integrating your public cloud platforms to legacy application and processes with our initial offering being FinOps Center

What problem is FinOps Center
Solving and what does it do?

The adoption of AWS has fundamentally altered the IT financial management, expense distribution, and fiscal responsibility practices for customers. As they continue to develop their partnership with AWS, clients need to rationalize their credits and discounts to the appropriate product group or line of business. While cost optimization remains a priority for numerous Cloud Centers of Excellence (CCoEs), achieving a balance between expenditure and budget, and maintaining spend accountability, extends beyond mere cost optimization.

We call this the FinOps 2 Speed Problem

FinOps Center is a purpose-built process application that enables the business and engineering constituents in customers’ CCoE to understand and act to control their cloud cost. This frees up specialists to concentrate on optimization.

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  • Cloud Scal3 LogoAWS Environment Setup Validation
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoProduct Installation Validation
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoBudget File Integration
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoDay 1 Activities for Roles
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoManagement and Updates
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  • Cloud Scal3 LogoAdvisory for Cloud Financial Management
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoAlignment to Multi-Account Strategy

Phase 1

  • Cloud Scal3 LogoCCoE Process Re-Engineering
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoBudget File Automation
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoCustom CFM Dashboards
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoInvoice Integration Automation
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoSSO Customerization

Phase 2

  • Cloud Scal3 LogoCustomization
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoResource Migration to Multi-Account Framework
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoAlert/Collaboration Integration (e.g. Slack)
  • Cloud Scal3 LogoITSM Integrations

Managed Services

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Cloud Scal3 is an
AWS Technology and
Consulting Partner

As a Technology Partner, we make our solution available via the AWS Marketplace and are Powered by native AWS Services.

As a Consulting Partner, we are able to leverage programs from AWS to Integrate our solutions into customers’ AWS Cloud Estates